Ongoing saga with Merseyside Police re Notifications

The HTA has been asked by Merseyside Police to correct our recent advice that they were willing to accept e-mail notifications for abnormal loads. Merseyside Police remain steadfast in their insistence that ESDAL is the only electronic method acceptable for notifications and they only made a recent exception due to the circumstances of a particular request. It was reiterated by Merseyside Police that they would be taking robust action, including prosecutions, with hauliers that failed to give notice by their preferred methods of either ESDAL or post.

Please rest assured that the HTA has not abandoned this issue and firmly believes that Merseyside Police’s insistence on using ESDAL is not in line with legislation and their insistence on this method is not only unfair but also beyond their legal authority. The HTA is continuing to fight for this cause and will be petitioning the Government at ministerial level. If you would like to add your name to the online petition set up in association with Cascade Software and signed by over 500 companies to date click here.

Another piece of news is that Highways England is exploring the possibility of enabling notifications submitted outside of ESDAL (produced manually and submitted via email or produced and submitted via AbHaulier or other commercial software) to be received and viewed within ESDAL using OCR read technology.  This measure would potentially satisfy both Merseyside Police and the abnormal load industry, the precise detail and time scale for rolling this out suggest it could be brought in early next year.

The HTA will continue to fight the industry’s corner.